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We have a winner! 1.GTPC.06




Check original post at the Foundation's blog

In July of 2005, we announced The GhanaThink Foundation Invitational Programming Contest dubbed 1.GTPC.06. The main aim of the competition was to encourage and motivate graduating seniors of Ghanaian tertiary institutions to design and develop their senior projects for the Ghanaian market which would not be prototypes for their departments only.

The announcement was greeted with enthusiasm by the GhanaThink community and we received donations for the prize money. Sadly, the same enthusiasm did not come from the target academic community.
Among the schools invited, only students from Kwame Nkrumah University for Science and Technology (KNUST) registered for the competition. A total of 4 groups registered, with only one group completing the competition successfully.

After a thorough verification of the entry, we are proud to announce the winners of our maiden programming contest. Eyram Tawia and Francis Dittoh supervised by Dr. J.B. Hayfron-Acquah will receive a cash prize of $300. Their project was a 3D Computer Game called The Sword of Sygos. The game was implemented using the Microsoft® Visual Basic® .NET programming language and utilised the Truevision3D engine.

The story line from the manual reads:

The King of Rome, Aribanis and his son Horutius, has their kingdom under attack by an evil dark force Antobis and his army. Antobis has invaded Rome and taken over the castle and held Horutius captive behind bars.

Horutius had the chance to escape into the woods with the help of Cyprus, an old wizard who knew about a prophecy. The prophecy of Sygos states ; "if a non royal should rule Rome for 5 earth days, Konkos, the invinsible dark demon would descend and rule earth and humanity would be gone forever."

Only He with the Sword of Sygos can destroy him.

In search of the Sword of Sygos, Horutius returns home to fight for his rightful throne. All within 5 earth days.

Francis and Eyram believe that 3D graphics is a good platform for teaching. They also believe that as Ghana's IT sector develops there will be a need to break out of the traditional sectors like databases and networking into 3D graphics development.

Congratulations to Francis and Eyram for winning the 1.GTPC.06. They will be receiving their cash prize of $300 within the next week and will be profiled in the GhanaThink newsletter Gong-Gong. Their thesis will be made available on Africathink in pdf format.

Again congratulations to Francis Dittoh and Eyram Tawia

We would also like to express our gratitude to the GhanaThink community judges for their support and patience.

Sword of Sygos case
Sword of Sygos cover





this is a great and laudable idea. It is very sad that many people did not respond. Funy enough there is a private company here in england for which developing student ideas is their business.
I think a great way to make this "more" attractive to the students is to let it become prestigious. If possible, you could advertise the competition endlessly on radio and TV. I know money is an issue, but i am sure that some of the TV and radio stations in the country will sponsor adverts to announce this.
I also think that the cash price should be scrapped and what should rather be done is that the winner and 1st and second runner ups should be promised support to develop their ideas. It would really be hard to do this, given the lack of easy and cheap capital in the country.
But i am sure that it would be possible to get a couple of good companies in the country to back such an idea of getting others into business.
I think another thing too is that the lecturers do not encourage the students to churn out new, refreshing and challenging ideas (this winner's idea was great by the way).
the students continue to churn out useless, mediocre and already deeply explored works.
If the winners are offered a platform to develop i am sure that you will be swamped with absolutely breathtaking ideas that will help move the naion foward and create great businesses.