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Ephraim Amu anyone?




So disterics and I were just chatting and he asked me whether I had anything to do with the Twi wikipedia ( and whether I knew about the demise of the Akan wikipedia (

I actually did and had been thinking about how to save us (mostly in the Diaspora) from cultural alienation. Of course it's debatable whether having a Wikipedia is the true sign of cultural renaissance... The grander point is that when I, out of reach from my grandparents, seek to clarify a point about Ephraim Amu, I have no reliable resource in Wikipedia(as of 11:15pm GMT, July 31, 2006) or other community-reviewed resource.

Now there is a solution to this problem. It involves your money (kindly stop reading if you're all talk and no action).

On the one hand, there are people in Ghana looking for work.
On the other, there are us looking for cultural satisfaction.

For a pittance (by non-Ghana standards) we could enable folks in Ghana to research Ephraim Amu for a worthwhile living. I'll gladly supervise this as part of kasahorow's work and you'd have contributed to something worthwhile that your children's children will be able to take for granted--Ephraim Amu was such a "Ghanaian" that he chose to compose in Twi rather than Ewe, his mother tongue, because he saw Twi as having more currency. As a result, all his compositions (Ewe and Twi) songs have become just as timeless, none at the expense of the other.



The faithful Cultural

The faithful Cultural Messenger of Ghana has spoken. Thanks PK and disterics. I am very much interested in this sort of Ghanaian knowlege creation/production and dissemination.The reason why it does not exist is that no one before us sought to do it.The reason it will exist for progeny is that we shall rise to change it.

I propose a task force of committed Wiki Ambassadors who will volunteer to create such contents as "Ephraim Amu",just as PK suggests. While it may be necessary to hire people to do such tasks for a pittance,every little can help if we set our minds to it

This is not an option,its a matter of cultural necessity.Let's use the available tools to put our heritage in the global consciousness.Ghana calls,history calls,knowlege calls!! Knowlege shall oulive any of us,let's do this

ps: this is one of the few times when I put on my battle batakari and chant strange things.Please forgive me.

~**Until the lions begin to tell their own history,tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter***~


PS: This is not even about

PS: This is not even about "cultural satisfaction" as our good PK suggests.It's about the heritage and legacy to which all of us Ghanaians lay claim.God Bless Ghana and those determined to change her for the better! Amen.

~**Until the lions begin to tell their own history,tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter***~


Thanks for the

Thanks for the feedback!
Planning in progress here:

GhanaThink Managing Executive disterics

I agree with mandock - Good

I agree with mandock - Good points.

You know its hard out here for a visionary.

Anyways, so will these contributions be cross-language or just english ?

This is also the part where GhanaThink's 501c3 status would come in handy because we could try to get a grant for this. *sigh*

Does anyone in the GC community know of a lawyer willing to do some 501c3 pro-bono work ?


Currently attending

Currently attending Wikimania 2006 ( and looking to bang heads with others interested in this project.

Will post updates after the weekend.



NB: We received $50 from a GhanaThink donor already! Muah!

A preliminary investigation reveals that the Daily Graphic pays GHC250 000 for a 4-page, double-spaced article. That comes up to about 1750 words, coming to approximately GHC 145 per word.

For various reasons, I think it's good enough incentive to offer GHC200 per word for an average of 500 words per article. At today's exchange rate, that's about 3 cents (USD) per word (rounded up to the nearest cent). This brings us to $15 per average article of 500 words.

A respectable initial target is to have 100 articles altogether. To make that happen then, we need to raise $1500. After meeting this initial target we can plod on 1 article at a time to 200, 300, 400, ..., 1000, and over... We have plenty of time till we have to start reading them to our children and grandchildren. Until then let's keep brushing up on our reading skills.

Now for the fun part.

Each article will be paid for using a simple commissioning model. So say, you want to remember your class 4 French teacher, you can put up $30 for two articles about your French teacher's favorite historical personality and a short description of their hometown, etc, etc. Other alternative is to select from a list of compiled topics and tag your sister's name onto it. If there's more than one person looking to sponsor "Ephraim Amu" (sorry, that's already taken by our first donor unless s/he decides to choose another topic), it will go to the highest bidder.

Thoughts, comments?


How can people pay ?

Please make payment details known.I will sell ice water to make $30 for an article on Prof.JH Nketsiah :)

~**Until the lions begin to tell their own history,tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter***~


Payment details

For now just send money to GhanaThink through paypal. I'll try to setup a proper system (as described earlier) on kasahorow's own pages over time.

Click the "Donate with Paypal" link up above.

Indicate in the donation that it's for the Ephraim Amu Project.

Also indicate
1. The topic/subject/personality you want written on
2. The language you want it written in
3. Who the article is dedicated to


The Ghanaian car(s)?

what happened?


Bounty announced

Huh? car?

OK, so now we have our very first bounty:


Update 2

Total Amounts Pledged:
USD100 and CAD100.

Articles Requested:
Ephraim Amu in English and Akan.

I've been instructed to do what is best with the rest of the cash. Thanks for the vote of confidence:) My idea of what is best is derived from imagining that I was a kid--what would I like to know about my identity? Or maybe more probably--what would I like my kids/younger siblings to know about their identity. Suggestions always welcome nonetheless. However, to keep my biases at reasonable distance--others will do the writing:)

To our commissioners,--doing less talk and more action--thanks. They shall be named once the articles are posted. Your grandchildren will be proud (hehe, stop me--I sound like those talkative granduncles at family ceremonies and not half as eloquent).


Update 3

Dr Kofi Oteng Gyan (kofiotg on this website) has offered to be the Editor (to do quality control). Will post another update as soon as the first series of articles are reviewed and published.

Jungle Bunny

Ephraim Amu is a wonderful

Ephraim Amu is a wonderful composer and musician. As a student of voice and lover or choral music I was fortunate to become acquainted with some of his works and the works of other great Ghanaian composers like Ken Kafui of Achimota.

Your idea to get articles available on online encyclopedias like Wikipedia is great! Wouldn't it be even greater if the many students of music in Ghana and abroad had access to their manuscripts and recordings online? It would go a long way in helping ourselves and the world at large learn more about our culture and the works of these great cultural icons. Depending on the copyright laws the manuscripts that are not yet freely available to the public can even be sold online to serve as a source of income for many of these composers( if still living) their families and perhaps the government ( some cultural works end up being the property of the state ( I stand to be corrected though!))

What are your thoughts?


Link with universities

Great project. You guys really inspire me. I'm not very clear though on how the project is going to be done. If you ask me, I'll suggest that we could collaborate with the universities so that those doing research in similar fields will be asked to specially work on this project. Of course, there'll be the incentive of sponsoring whoever is doing the research - kind courtesy of those who have donated.


Update 4

A modest total of 15 articles--13 Akan, 2 Ewe--contributed to the Akan Wikipedia and Ewe Wikipedia respectively.

The articles are first published (and refined) here:

If you can understand the following, then you can contribute an article! Simply fill in the templates and submit it here (

born=|name| day |month | year|location|=
nationalof=|country, city|=

Thanks for the suggestion

NB: The qualified people can't work for free. We accept donations (through GhanaThink) for paying them to produce comprehensive articles.


Please subscribe to the

Please subscribe to the kasahorow reading club (, or go to -> Community -> login -> my subscriptions -> categories ) to receive reading recommendations of the articles as they're generated :)

If you commit to reading one of these short articles a week, you'll soon improve your reading proficiency in your own language.

Join the train...


Or better still just watch this page