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Fwd: African hearts return to start firms




For your enjoyment -

Marie Claire's journey to Africa has its roots in her daughter Jennifer Pierre's decision to study and work in the continent, first in Senegal and then in Ghana.

As her consultancy work grew, Jennifer, 28, decided to move her son Tamsir and her mother there in late 2004 while she completed her studies at Harvard.

"I always knew I was going to move to Africa, it was just a matter of when," says Jennifer, who was born in America and spent most of her childhood in Miami.


What struck me is the line --
The colour of Jennifer's skin makes Ghana an easier place to live and to do business in, she says.

It brings back memories of college politics between the African Students Association and the Black Students Association (or other variations on the same theme).

Understandably, we who were born in a majority society don't immediately appreciate the politics of those who were not, causing everyone unnecessary grief.