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Film Director coming to Ghana needs contacts.




My name is P Sam Kessie and I am a film director coming to Ghana.

I have been in the States for while and been working in the film industry here as a director, writer, editor and production designer. I am coming to Ghana for the holidays and I am using this time to scope out the film market and try and secure some Film/TV deals with some American and European production companies as well as investors I have been dealing with to shoot over there.

There are a variety of material and stories these people are interested in and I believe we do have this to offer.

I am desperately searching for a screenwriter. I am trying to find a list of available writers or meet with people in the film industry and I was wondering if you had any insight on this and could help me out.
I am also trying to find crew as well as actors to talk to and work on putting a proposal together.

There is much more to talk about and discuss that I would love to, if you are interested discuss with you.
I am adding on my website if you want to read a little bit about me.

Cheers and best wishes,


GhanaThink Managing Executive abocco

Great to know PSK.

Great to know PSK.

There are a lot of screen writers out there in Ghana. I will contact you personally with some contacts, but I have to gather them first. Will also post some here to help others like you.

It's good you are planning to capitalize on your holidays for this.

the destiny of a nation at any given time depends on the opinions and contributions of its young men and women.


Thank you

Thank you so much. Looking forward to getting in touch.

A director is a man(grr or woman!), therefore he has ideas; he is also an artist, therefore he has imagination. Whether they are good or bad, it seems to me that I have an abundance of stories to tell. And the things I see, the things that happen to me, c