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question/suggestion to webmaster




Mr. Webmaster, there has been a lot of talks about more action and less talk lately. Well, a friend of mine has been doing just that. Fortunately, i have been able to convince him to share the progress report of a Ghanaian project he just worked on during the summer with Ghanathink readers. His project is about a technology to curb counterfeit drugs in Ghana and Africa as a whole. It makes an interesting piece for this site and needs to be posted for public consumption. I believe it's a great example to readers about the litte things we could do to change our country and continent. However, it's a pdf file of size 1.73MB (greater than 1MB allowed). How do I post it? Thanks
GK Dapaa



Look to host elsewhere

Instead of trying to post here, perhaps you could use another web service (web log, or web site host) and create a hyperlink in this web site for readers to navigate to. Without researching too deeply, I suppose blogger or lycos tripod are two services that could help. Alternatively, you could try to create a tar or zip archive to compress the file further; 7zip can do that.

I'd be curious to read about the subject matter, e.g. is the technology to be deployed by law enforcement agencies or consumers?


google pages

if you have or sign up for a gmail, you also get google pages, which gives you 100Megs of space to upload things:

GhanaThink Managing Executive disterics


gkdapaa, I sent you a pm with my email address.

Is this the mpedigree project?

I had a chance to talk to one of the founders last time i was in Accra.

Sounded very promising - can't wait to see what you have.

GhanaThink Managing Executive disterics

the mpedigree blog post

FYI: gkdapaa's post together with the document is available