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Stuart Gold

Please see a campaign that we have just launched in Ghana. Remember to have your speakers cranked up as there is some cool music.


GhanaThink Managing Executive abocco

Protecting the environment

I saw a couple of banners for this project in Accra when I was last in Ghana. It's a worthy project and I hope it fulfills its goals.

Another project I found out about while in Ghana worth sharing is the Greening Ghana project.

Info here
[quote]The GREENING GHANA INITIATIVE (GGI) aims to use the Golden Jubilee celebrations as a focal point to resuscitate and restore our natural environment to its green and lush state, containing abundance a rich and varied tropical hardwoods and exotic trees which will provide a source of valuable resources for future generations.
In recognition of this country’s 50th birthday, the GGI will involve the simultaneous planting of 50 trees by 100,000 participating groups drawn from all districts throughout the country. The GGI will therefore add 5 million trees and plants to Ghana’s vegetative cover in a single day [/quote]


clean development mechanism

Why hasn't the UN CDM be exploited more in Ghana, for example to fund an initiative such as this. Surely we have some organisations that can create the necessary relationships and possess the management skills to use this funding scheme?