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Ideas worth spreading...





GhanaThink Managing Executive abocco

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

I really like this lady, heard her speak at a conference once.
I wish I could have gone to TEDGlobal in Arusha but chale, exams o :-)

Did I hear say if you are not in Nigeria, you are not in Africa. I am sure she was joking but why?
One word that stood out to me in her speech was authentic. She knows about Africa, she knows what she's talking about, she may have travelled the world but she still oozes Africa.
I was hoping she would talk about the opportunities for capital and investments for young entrepreneurs, how the Nigerian and Rwandan ladies started their businesses, etc. Maybe because she was addressing 'investors', she didn't see the need to address that issue.
All in all, thanks for the post Pk, you should tell us more about TED


Ideas worth spreading:

Ideas worth spreading: Technology, Education, Design is a challenging
site - interesting dialogue - Video and Audio presentatons. You ask Pk to tell more about TED. Be empowered. Inform yourself!

Re query: What are the opportunities for capital and investments for young social entrepreneurs? Invite subscribers to read my buddhist brother, Craig Warren Smith's contributions - the social impact of new technology in our lives: How to end the digital divide? How to make poverty history?

We could have a discussion about this. Please visit his web site - Read his profile - the links to where he introduces the notion of Gross National Happiness. Its not all about $s and the bottom line.

What creative collaborations and strategic alliances are possible? Its wake up time. Humanity faces a global existential crisis. It demands a radical transformation in How we Think. What is consciousness? What is Mind?

We can transcend hesitation and ambivalence, trust our basic human dignity and decency, honor the richness of diversity, end the dualistic warring and violence and take responsibility for our world.


Thanks Abala :) I posted an

Thanks Abala :)
I posted an all-too-late-in-coming follow up at


Need to revisit the past in

Need to revisit the past in order to be empowered to envision now in determining the future. This generation will benefit learning about the
Bandung Conference in the '50 [the first Afro-Asian meeting] which
gave birth to the Non Aligned Movement. [Google and Wiki search]. Be informed! Knowledge IS power. Its a new world with infinite possibilities. Then listen to the discourse at the recent World Economic Forum regarding relations between Africa, India,China.