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Anyone going to BarCampAfrica UK on the 7th Nov




Hello all,

I came to your site as I saw it was one of the sponsors for BarCampAfrica UK in London on the 7th Nov.

My name is Christopher Foster. I am a postgraduate student, just beginning research work on ICT use in developing countries, at the University of Manchester.

I am considering doing some study work on the ICT in Ghana, and I am looking to talk to some people in the UK who would be able to give me an overview of what is happening in Ghana, and how it connects into wider diaspora, industries etc etc.

Would anyone be interested to do a brief informal interview about these areas sometime during BarCampAfrica (it should only take 30minutes or so)? If so then give me a shout (email: cgfoster[at] skype:cgfoster)

Hope to see you all there...

Thanks in advance