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Transferring Africa Cup of Nations




09-01-10: Reading of the senseless violence in Angola, the finger must point at the organisers. Why choose such an unstable country to host this prestigious football event? Being a little biased, which countries qualify to host? Security is paramount, nothing can be achieved without it and so in my humble opinion only the following should be chosen for international events until our neighbours increase their standards: Ghana; Botswana; South Africa; Tunisia; Tanzania. The event should be cancelled immediately and transferred to Cape Town.


GhanaThink Managing Executive abocco

The boys are gewd!

well, it was really bad what happened but I think the tournament has gone on well since then though there've been otehr related instances and cases.

I hope Ghana wins the tournament too, the boys are doing well.
The boys are gewd!

the destiny of a nation at any given time depends on the opinions and contributions of its young men and women.