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285 years 18 weeks ago
Use this forum to post suggestions, ideas for the website and Foundation. We shall also use this forum to post stuff for the Foundation - notices, site news, etc.
13625 years 11 weeks ago
by r
Any Brilliant Ideas? Had any EUREKA! moments? Share it with the GhanaThink Collecetive and let's knock heads. || gemdexter
211333 years 39 weeks ago
by yawulf
Not feeling intellectual?... Me neither...
271094 years 7 weeks ago
by abocco
6565 years 17 weeks ago
People want economy and they will pay any price to get it. -Lee Lacocca || Moderator: Mandock
462124 years 24 weeks ago
Education: a debt due from present to future generations. -George Peabody
261974 years 21 weeks ago
by r
Anybody can write a three-volume novel. It merely requires a complete ignorance of both life and literature. - Oscar Wilde || Moderator: Mandock
14534 years 6 weeks ago
by osofoaddo
Philosophy || Moderator: Nkrumah_Lives
10444 years 37 weeks ago
by osofoaddo
Politics Not Politricks: || Moderator: Abocco
392134 years 21 weeks ago
by alicewonderland42
Women's Studies || Moderators: Dudess & Disterics
10476 years 38 weeks ago
by r
114 years 21 weeks ago
by r
Biological Sciences and Health: || Moderator: Gemdexter
15744 years 20 weeks ago
Discuss issues related to information and communication technology and CS as well as potential GT projects. || Moderator: Disterics
321904 years 39 weeks ago
by jacus
Physical Sciences and Engineering
211044 years 26 weeks ago
115 years 18 weeks ago
by daft
African music website with focus on songs (lyrics, audio, video, etc) Graduated Tsooboi project Homepage: || Moderator: Abocco
8374 years 39 weeks ago
by abocco
"[I]f the young people come to despise their father's language, the chances are that at the same time they will reject their father's wisdom." - Armstrong 1963 Homepage: || Moderator: paa.kwesi
17935 years 11 weeks ago