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Letta to Osagyefo - September 21st gives birth again - this time to a renewed CPP

Posted by Nwia on Thu, 09/25/2008 - 07:33

Happy Belated Birthday Osagyefo,

Kwame, some people in this world are old, but as for you, you are grown. What! 99 years! I am struggling with my quarter-life crisis and am dreading the next few years; I can't even imagine a mid-life crisis. Happy belated again sir, and may you find rest and sleep at the same side of the bed you slept on September 20th. Do find that spot again because you smiled at your fans. You must have smiled when you read the news about the national launch of your rejuvenated party's campaign for this year's election. The CPP is back, new, vibrant and attractive.

Nkrumahists like us cherish your birthday like other holidays in the Ghanaian calendar. Were you called the African Showboy due to the flamboyant parties you threw for your birthday? Were you called the African Showboy because of how you lavished cedis (when they were as good as dollars) on your friends and sympathizers? September 21st is remembered as your birthday but the chapter has been re-written, the 2008 version will go down as the day Paa Kwesi Nduom's CPP launched its national campaign with a rally for the ages and introduced the running mate in the race for the FlagStaff house, the site of the new Presidential Palace. Actually, the Presidential Palace is on hold due to a myriad of problems, so let's call this election the race to be the first citizen of Ghana. Shall we?

Letta to Osagyefo - superstition surrounding the 'host and win' agenda

Posted by Nwia on Fri, 02/08/2008 - 14:22

Prophet Hakeem Black Stars CAN 2008 Ghana superstitionGood morning Osagyefo,

I am in mourning. The dream is over. The host and win cause took a wrong turn yesterday, ably navigated by the Indomitable Lions of Cameroun. The boys went on to the field and labored in vain, they didn't get a single opportunity to do the kangaroo dance. The Black Stars could not shine on this (Black) Thursday and the country's wait for a 5th continental trophy will have to wait a couple more years. Kwame, I have wondering why we had to lose in the semi-finals. Kai, I am getting a little bit superstitious.

Number one fan - belief, motivation and support from our leadership

Posted by abocco on Mon, 02/04/2008 - 13:14 GhanaThink Managing Executive

...Sounds on da ground and seens on the see-ins

When the African Cup quarter-final clash between Ghana-Nigeria game went on recess (half-time) as a drawn game, I was tense. Really tense. Both teams seemed up to the task and it was going to take something special to separate them. I even suggested that President Kuffour should go to the Black Stars' dressing room to motivate and inspire the 'boys'. After all, he postponed his favorite pastime -travelling - to stay in Ghana to inspire them and watch this dreaded duel with the Super Eagles of Nigeria. Eventually, Ago-goal struck and Ghana carried the day in the presence of their 'Number one fan', John Agyekum Kuffour. JAK, we join 5Five to give you kudos.

Letta to Osagyefo - supporting our workers

Posted by Nwia on Mon, 01/28/2008 - 12:32

Hello Osagyefo,

Thank you for your intercession the last time. 3 points is 3 points you know. The Black Stars do battle again today and they need our support. We are all expecting Ghanaians to troop the Ohene Djan Stadium (yea, Osagyefo, it's named after him) and sing some serious jama songs (minus the insults) to charge our charges on. Most workplaces would be closing earlier to allow fans to watch the game. I was going to close early but with Accra traffic, I will close earlier. I need to support too. :-)

Letta to Osagyefo - our business is coming of age

Posted by Nwia on Thu, 01/24/2008 - 13:53

Hey Osagyefo,

Football is such a beautiful sport, is it not? The excitement level at which my last letter came to you has stepped up a few notches. Football is so beautiful that it even drives political opponents to shut their beaks and support the same team. Only God knows what would be happening in Kenya if the Harambee Stars were at the African Cup of Nations in Ghana. Don't you think the youth would sit glued to their televisions instead of running around burning down churches and killing people? Football is uniting many people and African businesses are buying into this unity.

Imagine the excitement MTN is having at their offices across Africa. MTN is the title sponsor of the Cup of Nations and so everywhere you go, MTN is there. Check out their marketing slogans - There is no stopping you, GO!; GO be part of a bigger family; GO make that call; GO stand out; GO be famous. No wonder the unofficial rallying cry for your Black Stars is GO, Black Stars, GO! MTN has a football website dedicated to African football, they are the title sponsor of the African clubs Champions league, and they have African entertainment websites. Let's just say the believe in Africa. How can't you love them?

Letter to Osagyefo - issues trafficking our development

Posted by Nwia on Tue, 01/08/2008 - 11:45

Hey Osagyefo,
I was sitting in a trotro heading towards Adenta after a long day in Adabraka. I headed out knowing that it would take me a while to complete my journey due to traffic. When the trotro got to the HIPIC junction, I found myself thinking and thinking really hard. I just wanted to get home soon but the journey was long, quiet and pensive. All four lanes were filled and moving at a go-slow pace. As we approached the Tetteh Quarshie Interchange, we were still moving so slow, I wondered how bad this situation would be if we still had the Tetteh Quarshie roundabout which had only one lane. No be small thing o.

Letter to Osagyefo - the leader we need: who, what, how, and why

Posted by Nwia on Wed, 12/19/2007 - 11:37

Yo Osagyefo,
I know it's been a while since you heard from me. It's not me o, I have been busier than the busiest Chinese fast food joint in Osu. The times have not been good, I haven't been inspired to write to you and it's something I can't even explain. You know what else I can't explain, the fact that we have 17 candidates all vying for the opportunity to run for the president of Ghana through the New Patriotic Party. Osagyefo, you need a couple more hands to count 17, only one person shall win the slot, and 16 people would have gotten nought from a 250 million cedi investment. I know you'll be wondering how 17 different people in Ogyakrom could get 250 mill, but massa, these are the times.

You may also be wondering what happened to your brain child, the Convention People's Party. Kwame, why was Convention such a popular word in those days? What does it mean? Because these days when the regular golden boy or girl hears convention, the first thought that comes to mind is a Christian gathering with thousands of people receiving miracles from above. You could ask Efo Mawugbe and he'll tell you too, if the CPP of today wins the next Ghanaian election, that will be a miracle from above. Osagyefo, send down a miracle if you would.

Wo kunu kotebea mu - Supporting our own through thick and thin

Posted by abocco on Fri, 04/14/2006 - 13:12 GhanaThink Managing Executive

...Sounds on da ground and seens on the see-ins

That read funny when you read it huh, Wo kunu kɔtebea mu. This piece of Twi translates to 'When your husband enters a challenge or goes through difficult times...." This is the name of Sidney's (Nananom fame) latest album, the same one that has 'Obia nye obia'. In the title track, 'Wo kunu kotebea', it implores the nation (Ghana) to stand behind the president in times of difficulty and also encourages wives to defend their husbands and vice versa in times of trouble. The play on words during the song makes it clear Sidney wanted to use the controversial aspect of the way 'Wo kunu kotebea' sounds to sell the track, however, it has very good messages in it.