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studying in US

Borga - matters arising in Diasporean living and returning home

Posted by abocco on Tue, 01/26/2010 - 05:05 GhanaThink Managing Executive

Yes, I'm back. Like they'll say in Ghana, wɔabɔga bio. Well, I've been back to Yankee for more than two weeks but this is my first post of the new decade. Had too much fun chillaxing and chilluping in Ghana to blog, so I saved most of my thoughts as texts on my Nokia phone. In fact, na Borga nso ayɛ loose to afford the costs of slow Ghanaian internet. It's not always easy for us Borgas. Even when we have 'returned' to Ghana on holidays to visit families and do other things, we find the costs of living not much different from 'Aburokyire'. Ghana's fastest and hottest rapper at the moment, Sarkodie knows this too. He composed a song about Ghanaians in the Diaspora and it is quickly becoming a cult classic. In fact, in the years to come, we shall all remember Sarkodie's Borga as one of the legendary hiplife songs. Let me tell you why.

Michael Owusu, known to many fans as Sarkodie, is a hiplife artist. He had spent the last few years freestyling and engaging in rap battles in Tema. Rumour has it that he never lost one. If you've watched Eminem's 8 Mile, Sarkodie has a similar story. He recorded various underground mixtapes and then eventually became widely known after featuring on Ayigbe Edem's Bougez (Ke va) song. His first music video, Babe (baby), featuring Mugeez of R2Bees catapulted him into the national spotlight. He's still been churning mixtapes, his 'Politics' track surfaced around the 2008 elections and quickly went viral. Today, he has been signed to Konvict SA, Akon's record label in Africa. Hiplife legend, Obrafour, featured him on one of his latest singles, Hiplife, as if to say, Sarkodie was to bear the torch for the genre in these times and beyond. With songs like Lay Away (ft Sway), Edey be (ft Paedae), Altar, and a monumental song like Borga, the sky is the limit for Sarkodie.

Helping our brothers and sisters who want to come to Yankee

Posted by Kwadwo on Sun, 11/05/2006 - 04:08

I'm working on a project that I need help with. Basically, I'm designing a website to help all Ghanaian students who are applying to colleges in the US. The idea is to create a single website with almost all the resources and links that a student will need when applying to schools in the US. This is because most of the websites online are more bias towards domestic students and offer little for international students. Moreover, a good number of folks back home have to pay to use the internet which is so slow that it takes more than ten minutes to load a single page sometimes. What makes matters worse is that our brethren back home have not had much exposure to the internet and often times do not have the luxury of time, skills and money to do any reasonable research online. The result is that there is an uneven playing field where very brilliant students who could have made it to some of the best colleges in the world but do not have the needed resources are not able to make it here. What hurts me the most is that there are some extremely good students who could easily use the vast resources here in the US to improve themselves but do not even consider throwing in an application because they are deterred by the cost of college here. It's true that education in the US is extremely expensive and it is virtually impossible to get a full scholarship but some have made it here with nothing and that means that it is possible.