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Ghana - past our history, presenting our situation, and dreaming the future

Posted by abocco on Tue, 04/22/2008 - 07:31 GhanaThink Managing Executive

...Sounds on da ground and seens on the see-ins

Countless people have asked me about my three month stay in Ghana. Everytime the question is asked, I give a slightly different answer. The default thing to say is - it was great. I normally prefer pointed questions - my indecisiveness cripples my answers to such general questions. My stay in Ghana inspired and taught me a lot, it made me understand how various things work in Ghana (especially in industry) and how comfortable or uncomfortable I could find myself in my own land. Most people seek out my opinion on going back, and my answer is always the same - eventually I will go back and soon. Why would I? My friend Becca would help out here with her song called Ghana.

Thinking in English : The African Uprising

Posted by paa.kwesi on Thu, 06/28/2007 - 21:32

From the Archives, and before I got to thinking that the name "Africa" ought to be gotten rid of :) This is a fictional piece imagining the sort of continent one would return home to after several years of roaming the world...

The African Uprising, Jan 31 2005

In this century Africans have had enough of having their identity being defined by other
peoples. I speak as a member of the Fante peoples of West Africa. This has probably already raised some hackles. Relax.