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Free Firemaking Method for Level in Runescape

Free Firemaking Method for Level in Runescape

Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 01/18/2010 - 08:02

Glad to see you in Goldceo. We got the information in Runescape from other website, hope it can help you more or less, just have a look!

From level(Runescape Gold): 1-15: do what you can. 15-30: near general store of lumby, cut oak, light them if you want to sped a litt bit of money cut oaks, sell them at general store, then buy them and light them. Go with 1-3k on your inventory, cut like 200 oaks and sell them at general stores, then go and start buying them, and then lighting the these is always a litt bit more faster only a litt bit. 30-45: North from lumby chicken place near cows, cut willows, there are like 4 and no plp and light them.