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Tropically Tolerant: Webmark

Posted by disterics on Fri, 08/31/2007 - 07:07 GhanaThink Managing Executive

In a comment to anti-social-bookmarking, Joitske Hulsebosch pointed out webmark - an online bookmark manager by Henry Addo.

Kookoo aduro - traditional, herbal medicine and curing AIDS

Posted by abocco on Tue, 05/15/2007 - 10:58 GhanaThink Managing Executive

...Sounds on da ground and seens on the see-ins

My first reaction was to laugh it off. Ghanaweb is at it again, sensationalising another headline. But as I continued to read, it sounded more 'authentic'. Besides, I have strong beliefs in traditional medicine and KNUST was ever present in this scenario. We have heard all the facts about HIV-AIDS but with the recent pronouncement from Gambia about a cure/treatment and now with this revelation from Kumasi (Ghana), should we paying some more attention and giving more credit to traditional medicine? 4x4's Kookoo Aduro is a tribute to our herbalists and medicine men.

Efie ne fie - Home Sweet Home

Posted by abocco on Tue, 11/08/2005 - 02:22 GhanaThink Managing Executive

...Sounds on da ground and seens on the see-ins

I was 'shiing imprÉ›' (dozing off) in my international development class as a result of inadequate sleep. When my lecturer mentioned, "now, we shall see a movie about manufacturing in Ghana", I became wide awake. The movie was rolled with highlife playing in the background, and my mind tuned to the memories of riding around Kumasi and hearing Paapa Yankson's music blare through music shops' speakers. Home is where the heart is - Efie ne fie aka Home sweet home.