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Letta to Osagyefo: Being the right man at the right place at the wrong or right time

Posted by Nwia on Wed, 09/30/2009 - 09:39

Hello Osagyefo,

It's been a week since we celebrated your 100th birthday. It's been ages since I last wrote to you. Coincidentally, my last letter was about your birthday and the debate about the Founder's Day celebration and holiday. No one listened to my suggestion and you were celebrated (alone) on your centenary with good measure. Everyone was talking about you, including the folks at How did you spend the day? Reflect on your regrets and achievements. Kwame, I find myself regretting way too much in my life these days. If it will make me grow old quicker than I want, please warn me. I am already worried about my age, but let's leave that for another day. What I want to know is, were you a little lucky to be born in 1909? In essence, were you a little lucky to be Ghana's first president instead of its 4th? Is there a little luck involved in creating and leaving a legacy? I will like to argue so.

Letta to Osagyefo: The Founder’s Day debate - what date and what name?

Posted by Nwia on Thu, 03/05/2009 - 00:59

Felicitations Osagyefo,

The last time I wrote to you, your daughter, Samia, had become a Member of Parliament. Now, she is in the news again praising Ghana’s new president, Asomdwoe Hene Atta Mills for proposing a Founder’s Day to honour you. This national holiday would commemorate your 100th birthday, September 21, 2009 and would be a yearly affair just like Martin Luther King Day in the USA. I don’t know why this bit is not surprising, but the folks in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have opposed this proposal and getting this legislation to pass is going to be a battle in parliament. This opposition is being branded as a feature of the “Mate me ho” folk, which dates back as far as you emerged on the scene as Ghana’s leader. The National Democratic Congress’ majority will probably chalk another democratic victory so felicitations again, Osagyefo, it seems you are about to chalk another feat.

Letta to Osagyefo - Happy Valentine's and Chocolate Day

Posted by Nwia on Thu, 02/14/2008 - 16:41

Happy Valentine's Day Chocolate Day Ghana February 14Lovely day Osagyefo,

Oya, love is in the air, can you feel it? Every Jesus will answer store is selling Valentine's Day teddy bears, chocolates, hampers, gifts, card, setc. I think that Kasapa, One Touch, Tigo, and MTN should give out free mobile phone units because of the barrage of lovely text messages flying around. Some people even think that this year's Valentine season would not be very successful since the recent Ghana 2008 African Cup of Nations stole some of its glitter. Besides, for the few ladies that came out to wear red, you could easily mistake them for donning a national colour.

How will you spending Valentine's Day Kwame? Buying gifts or dashing out money? As for me, I'm smiling. Like Agya Appiah said, 'shyness is not love'. I am doing away with shyness today.I have decided to be bold. If that girl's red outfit is sexy, I will tell her. If that guy is wearing Otto Pfister, I will let him know. If my sister is getting on my nerves, I will let her know too. I will do all of this because I love them. Shyness is not love, boldness is. If my mother, ..... nah, I wasn't brought up to do that. How will our elders celebrate this special day?