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Kookoo aduro - traditional, herbal medicine and curing AIDS

Posted by abocco on Tue, 05/15/2007 - 10:58 GhanaThink Managing Executive

...Sounds on da ground and seens on the see-ins

My first reaction was to laugh it off. Ghanaweb is at it again, sensationalising another headline. But as I continued to read, it sounded more 'authentic'. Besides, I have strong beliefs in traditional medicine and KNUST was ever present in this scenario. We have heard all the facts about HIV-AIDS but with the recent pronouncement from Gambia about a cure/treatment and now with this revelation from Kumasi (Ghana), should we paying some more attention and giving more credit to traditional medicine? 4x4's Kookoo Aduro is a tribute to our herbalists and medicine men.

Condom - sex education - Stop AIDS, Love Life

Posted by abocco on Wed, 09/06/2006 - 08:37 GhanaThink Managing Executive

...Sounds on da ground and seens on the see-ins

What would you do if a young child asked you about a condom? Who is a young child anyway? Well, we know one possibility, thanks to Bright Bling Sparkles, one of Ghana's premier musical voices. A father would tell his son that a condom is a balloon for adults who have the exclusive right to blow it. Hearing this song drew my attention to sex education in Ghana and the fight against AIDS. I am not an expert on the subjects but here goes.