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Most Ghanaians dread risks. How do i know? Because, we do not go sky-diving or roller-skating. We fear the consequences of the loss of a relative, a damage to property,etc. Unfortunately for us, our insurance firms (SIC especially) which are required to protect us against these risks are not living up to expectation: Despite the gazillion number of trips my mum made to SIC, she did not even receive a pesewa,as compensation, to at least reduce her transportation cost accumulated from her persistent visits to SIC branch.
My mother's unfortunate experience has compelled me to be very interested in how things work in insurance market. As a child, i, like most other Ghanaians, blamed and hated the corrupt management of SIC, for their consistent deviations from their promise to deliver the customer when needed(in my case, repair my mum's car). Growing up as an Economist,however, I have deduced that, the failure of Ghanaian insurance firms is more likely to be as a result of a non-sophisticated insurance team and an informationally-sick environment, than just the pocketing of company's money. If lack of corruption was the key to success, Provident insurance would not have failed as it has! (provident as a private firm would sternly be checked for any corruptive hands, trust me).


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By connecting all GhanaThink-minded people through the medium of the internet, it allows their ideas to find expression through Tsooboi, Homefront, and AfricaThink.

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Albeit from an unlikely source--a group called Da Pidgin Coup.


Main Points
Pidgin Coup position
Da Pidgin Coup, in its position paper "Pidgin and Education," recommends:

Language awareness seminars and classes or in-service training for teachers, which include strategies for building on the home language and understanding language systems.

Language awareness programs for students to learn about the history and social functions of both pidgin and standard English, and to discover ways in which the two are different.

Research on the relationship between pidgin and school success, and how to best build on the language children bring to school.

Thinking in English : Hometown Identification Project (HIP, HIP, HIP?)

Posted by paa.kwesi on Sun, 10/22/2006 - 20:59


I don't know about you, but I do get frustrated each time I'm filling in some web form and I'm asked for ZIP or Postal Code. Now, being from Ghana, everyone knows there are no such things as zip codes. Some web forms are designed properly enough to not require zip codes when you select Ghana as your location, but most others are not.

So when I stumbled across a public domain database of longitude and latitude pairs for most towns and cities in Ghana (and in fact Africa) it occurred to me that zip codes could be generated quite easily from these unique numbers. After using them for several months, now let me share the love--Accra's zip code is 43F 8E3. And for kicks, the state is the country code GH.

The Fallacies of J. B. Danquahs Heroic Legacy

This is an article series published by Kwame Botwe-Asamoah and serialized on as well as cross-posted here.

We present the whole series in this easy to navigate format.


Father slashes immoral daughter with knife

Tema, July 29, GNA - Anthony Adjei Adjetey, a fisherman of Tema Manhean nearly murdered his fourteen-year-old daughter, when he slashed her two thighs and her wrist with a kitchen knife for her immoral behaviour.

Adjetey, who has been cautioning the daughter, Priscilla Adjei, a class five pupil of the Presbyterian Basic School at Tema Manhean against her flirtatious behaviour, committed the act on July 25, this year at about 1300 hours.

African Amnesia and Our Quest for Development

Posted by mandock on Fri, 06/16/2006 - 02:19

Albert Schweitzer, a Swiss missionary to Africa in the 1800s once wrote, “The African is a child and must be catered for” Indeed, many travelogues of European missionaries from this period and beyond, reflected a belief in the facultative inferiority of the black man. You only need to read Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness to sample this dominant European view of Africa from the period. The European civilizing mission and subsequent colonization of Africa were a direct result of this sentiment; a paternalistic attempt to provide guidance to the African just as good parents give to their child.


Scandal hits british immigration office in London as sex-demanding official is exposed. Only God knows what people are put through just for visas. The sad thing is that rarely,if ever,are such misdeeds exposed...I know too many stories of women who were exploited or solicited as a pre-requisite for visas.
I feel sorry for this probably married man and father but can't help laughing my heart out.Poor scape goat...hahha