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Egregious conduct: Ghanaians in the post Diaspora era

Posted by sparkyy on Tue, 12/12/2006 - 15:38

A keen observer once told me that the African immigrants in America or Europe, for the sake of a broad spectrum, are constantly assimilating into the stream of the alien culture. While my knowledge of the social life of Europe is quiet morsel, I would choose to say much about that of the American ones.

Somewhere, between the era of JSS and SSS, where our mothers felt proud, and maybe haughty that “Adjoa’ or “kwesi” could speak or write the English tongue, we relinquished the pride of our culture and unknowingly selected another one; a chain of events that still bears an unpleasant fruit within our societies of origination and our intermediate ones too. While I’m not suggesting or expressing any pooh-pooh for our culture or that of our host’s, I’m averring that certain things should be limited.


FOR ALMOST 5 DAYS NOW, NO MEMBER ON GHANACONSCIOUS HAS LOGGED ON. I don't understand this. Have my people gone angry, and against whom? Are we short of any more ideas? Or there is nothing interesting enough to comment about? Is Ghana OK now? Or just because policy makers are not reading in order to make use of some of our brain fruits?
Do not relent, comrades, knowing that our mission at Ghanaconscious has ambition yet to be achieved. Just keep on drumming in your convictions and visions and let them continue to despise you till you are vindicated one day,(wo boo ni ooooo!!!!).

Ryke 1

I really love the existence of this site. But we focus or discuss quite a few when it comes to IT, then to make matters worse little or no light is thrown of whatever value to programming. This I think is very sad. If there are JAVA programmers out there, you have a brother in me. I can proudly say that i am a Software Engineer and a GOOD JAVA programmer and I have a lot to share in those directions as well as general programming subjects concerning other platforms. It is time we start discussing the real ingredient of what is making the world go round. Please Reach out to me and let's make th


May somebody bail me out for am lost as to the essence of creating a whole separate body of authority to just register and issue ID cards to citizens and residents in Ghana. Isn't this a duplication of functions, under employment and waste of money and other resources?
Where is the National Population Council, the births and deaths registry department, the district assemblies and the load of under employed civil servants? Do we need a whole new Directors and Chairmen with fat salaries and allowances?
This is just a simple programme which doesn't need all the advertisements and publicity's given it.


I consider myself a liberal when it comes to politics, rather preferring to stand in the middle street so i can bestow praise where it is due and equally condemn if the neccessity arose. On this occasion i couldn't help but nod in agreement with this writer's article: especially the bit where he talks about NDC having turned into a LIMITED PUBLIC COMPANY. What are your thoughts on this article?

P.S: If the link is redirected when you click on it, just go on to the news column on the Ghanaweb home page and read article for 6th December captioned: ''CELEBRATING THE SILVER JUBILEE OF P/NDC's COWARDICE.


Posted by STEVEb on Sun, 12/03/2006 - 17:29

THE world today is more chaotic and dangerous to live in because of the ineptitude of the Misled/Lost human species. These are the species(not race) who are awake and blessed with scientific and technological minds but because there was no seer to tell them about the future of their inventions, the world is using what we thought should aid us to destroy ourselves.
Because life is, by nature, a race for survival, the lost specie of humanity thought to device to survive. So they came up with munitions of diverse shapes and fire power. With this they set out to conquer on the principle that "nothing lives unless something else dies". Fortunately for them they succeeded in manipulating the sleeping species of Africa Asia and Latin America; they enslaved, exploited and killed unsuspecting people. But unfortunately for them they over stepped their bounce because of greed. Don't blame them for it is human nature to be overly insatiable. They were misled by the power of their arms thereby threading on the land of the Violent who couldn't be cowed and coerced into submission. Hence the biggest dillema of our plenet today. Violence has erupted in our world and there is no letting up.In fact, God has no interest in destroying His own creation including humanity. But as certain as the end od every life is death, man will destroy himself long before God would have any such thought, if He ever will.


AID TO AFRICA! The humane urge of well meaning people and organisatons and the equally well planned propaganda and advertisement for others to show their contradictory visages in the fight against poverty, and then of couse there is the unseen Aid which i will touch on as i go along.

The Red Cross, Peace Corp, World Vision, JSVO, USaid, Voluntary natural Disaster response organisations, Voluntary medical Organisations, Voluntary Religious organisations, Philanthropists and Everyday people....the list is endless and at the end of the spectrum is aid from governments.
These are the various aid agencies and bodies whose presence have been felt in the continent. And the big question is are they really making an impact? What efects do their activities have on the continent as a whole?

Stuart Gold

Please see a campaign that we have just launched in Ghana. Remember to have your speakers cranked up as there is some cool music.



Following the collapse of the communist Soviet Union in 1989 came the final demise of the cold war and arms race between Communist Russia(The Eastern bloc) on one hand and the Democratic Capitalist West on the other. These were the then two world powers which the coward member states of the Non-Aligned movement were too afraid to identify with.
The one million dollar question is, If the condition/circumstance which triggered the formation of N-A movement is no longer in existence what is the justification for its continued existence? Where is the relevance of the Non-Aligned movement? How rational is it for any government to continue to pay dues to such a union knowing that it has no defence or economic plans for its members?



The idea of re-denominating our national currency is laudable. It is the ambition behind our quest(mission) for economic breakthrough and international recognition as a nation. I however perceive that this important ambition has been overly conceived. The four zeros being written off is too much. Re-denomination has an implicit revaluation tendency if not properly machinated.
The problem of our currency started with the use of the thousands(000) not the hundreds(00). It would have been better and for easier calculation to write off the three zeros. If 500,000 cedis becomes 500 cedis the holder, even the old lady at Brepro, can easily imagine its previous value. Again this will better represent the Euro and the Dollar. ie 50 EUROS TO 500 CEDIS IS THE SAME AS 50 to 500,000 as before or today. But to bring 500,000 to 50 making it equal to euro and dollar is not the only problem but to get your people to easily calculate how much they are dealing with at any point in time so as to achieve the intended purpose of re-denomination as against revaluation poses a big quandary.


The British Prime Minister Tony Blair is to make a speech regarding Britains role in the slave trade but will fall short of a full apology for Britain's involvment. Instead he will express his sorrow that it happened. Why bother!
In an interview today the BBC asked a representative of an organisation how he thought the speech would be percieved...would it be seen as just political correctness or seen as a useful platform and opportunity for us to move on?
In his reply the representative pointed out that it was the legacy of the slave trade that was the significant issue at stake.
May i point out that it wasn't only African countries which suffered slavery. India also had a long history of occupation and slavery. So on this Bi-Centenary celebration, let us discuss some of the negative legacies of the slave trade.


I wandered down into this house whilst trawling on the information highway and was pretty impressed by the seriousness of this group. Hence i decided to take a seat and wait till the residents arrived. So far no one has offered my fellow newcomers and myself a calabashful of water. Where are all the MOVERS AND SHAKERS gone?
Its sooooooooooooo.... quiet in this house.
I wonder if the best time to log on is weekends.


At the peril of having all the men living abroad on here banging at my door brandishing matchetes,crow bars and hammers(my name and my address and phone numbers witheld anyway)and crying 'CRUCIFY OMANBA'
please hear me out, for you might learn a little something from this.

CASE STUDY: The winters are rough, your mother is pressurising you for a grandson, life gets lonely and too much obarima nkwan with the tomatoes and onions always swimming in opposite directions in the soup makes you sit up in bed one dawn. Dammit! i need a woman in my life.
So you hit the internet dating site for ghana homepage or you ask your old lady to check out Agya akoto's daughter or you remember Sandra your old sweetheart, and soon you are buying a ticket to either go to Accra yourself or get Dorcas down to London after the engagement. The whole exercise is carried out with passion and love and promises of 'odoyewu and akatasia misi ma fa wo la' and the lady in question is over the moon and on cloud nine. I am joining Kwadwo in London she says to her friends and she is looking forward to her first flight to the promised land.


You may have heard the news.
Ghana was ranked 70 out of 163 countries surveyed in the global Corruption Perception Iindex for this year, a five-step fall from last year when there were four countries less.
Ghana received a score of 3.3 out of 10 on the CPI scale, down 0.2 point from 2005, indicating that Ghanaian society is becoming corrupt slowly but surely.
Ghana's result, the worst in the past 10 years, is now at par with that in 1999, which was recorded when the Rawlings administration was in power.
Statesman online article


For your information.