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Pidgin Reason : Preserving da mind

Posted by paa.kwesi on Thu, 09/06/2007 - 17:21

So yestee, me den one of me ol' skuul paddies have some conversation that evolve like so:

paddy: ha go gather british accent?
me: more like a mixture i sure
paddy: interesting...
can I say lost soul?
i keed i keed
me: tehehe... hopefully not. i just tend to speak like ppl around me
same as bad co destroys good manners type of thing
paddy: ha ha...i hear
me: more intent on preserving the mind
paddy: hmmm...ayt ayt

Wey later on koraa estrike met say ebe a potent question e ask me no. Cos I dey complain to the missus say the people who dey bore me the most be those who dey say one thing den act totally contrary to what dem dey speak consciously or unconsciously. Eno be say dem peepol shedaa be hypocrites o, just say dem no dey realize say what dem dey talk den what dem dey do be incongruous.

Against the other wall be the peepol I dey admire most: dem dey try make dema actions conform to dema talk. So how I dey speak sef no dey matter (cos occasionally I dey worry say I dey lose the T'adi accent) but whether I dey act in T'adi's interests, whether I dey bring my opportunities to T'adi's benefit.

So to all ye lovers of the ancestor-land out there. Make you ask your body say, this year what you do give the land?


No ill intentions but how

No ill intentions but how does they way you speak (some schools of thought might say incorrectly and embarrassingly) have anything to do with "what you give the land"?

Also how does my not speaking "pidgin" or gaining a British accent indicate a lost soul - ask your "paddy" whether he thinks/ dreams in English or Twi (fanti, Ga) and what that means to him.

Also what does he mean by soul? The FALSE self we attribute to our minds so we can define things we experience?

All is relative except God who is absolute and language is just a means of expression.

I like your definition of

I like your definition of "soul" :) And yes language is just a means of expression.