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Thinking in English : Locally Productive Knowledge, II: The Inspiration that is Mr Kamkwamba

Posted by paa.kwesi on Fri, 06/29/2007 - 16:07

If you have time, read up on Mr Kamkwamba ( I met the dude and he's not one given to much words (or maybe it's because my chiChewa is not usable). And even more importantly, glory found him--he didn't go seeking it. He is the modern African I want to be like--inspired to solve immediate problems with immediate materials.

Like noted in and our schooling does tend to produce graduates who spend all their time complaining "... but we don't have the right tools. ... but we don't have this. ... but we don't have that".

The overriding message I get from Mr Kamkwamba? Gee, stop talking and make your own tools!