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Thinking in English : Celtel, the first great continental company

Posted by paa.kwesi on Mon, 06/11/2007 - 22:59

Celtel just announced last week that they have expanded their One network into East Africa: Previously the network covered Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. Now they have added in RoC, DRC and Gabon. With their properties in Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Burkina Faso, they're well-placed to put fire to the whole continent with cheap communication! Indeed, once the Nigerian Celtel is linked up to the One network, we'll see huge connectivity benefits just because of the immense size of the Nigerian audience.

Indeed, Celtel is doing what governments should have done long ago--create seamless communication channels across the whole continent to restore bad history:
[quote]In a region historically dependent on freedom of movement across borders, we are now offering a communications solution that fits the needs of our customers, breaking down barriers and making life better for businesses, families and individuals from West to East.[/quote]

I am moved to tears of joy. Mo Ibrahim, mbo!


GhanaThink Managing Executive


scaling is what we are talking about!

our businessmen are ahead of our governments, that has to be good and bad at the same time.


Oh sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!


Celtel Network has launched the world's first borderless network, connecting over 400 million people across 12 countries in Africa.

Launching the One Network, the Chief Executive Officer of Celtel Nigeria, Bayo Ligali, said yesterday in Abuja that the new network is available only on the Celtel network, "Which enables our Customers to use their mobile phones in any of the 12 countries."

He explained that the Network allows customers recharge with the local recharge cards without signing any roaming agree-ment or making any financial deposit.

GhanaThink Managing Executive

this is great from

this is great from Celtel.
any move towards integrating Africa is a step forward

but when are going to move away from different codes for different networks instead of positional codes like area codes?

The big question is, can and will our governments step up the infrastructure to make the transitions and integrations succeed?

the destiny of a nation at any given time depends on the opinions and contributions of its young men and women.