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Talking To The Doctor..By Rev P E Adotey Addo

Posted by osofoaddo on Wed, 09/12/2007 - 04:23

Talking To The Doctor

(When the Patient Is An elderly relative)

Uncle George was over eighty-years old World War II veteran
Intelligent, fluent in several languages and urbane
While he entertained patrons at his bar with his humor and wit.
In spite of age, still independent to a fault and loving it.
Concerns as to his health and medications
Prescribed by his beloved doctor were shared
By concerned relatives as tradition dictated.
Providing comfort for body, mind and soul
In an eternal bond far beyond his eighties
Of Healer Family and Patient
In a triangle of wholesome love, hope and care

In memory of Uncle George (Pa George) to all his patrons and the doctors from all over the world who were welcomed at his Bar in Accra, Ghana for many years.