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Letta to Osagyefo - Using our hard earned tax payers' money

Posted by Nwia on Thu, 03/20/2008 - 11:05

Hello Osagyefo,

I hope you are doing great. I am in my last week in Sikakrom and I am wanting some more days to spend with my family. The thought of when I will see them again after I have returned to Yankee troubles me. A friend told me awhile ago that I have stayed in Ghana far too long so I should leave. The stuff I had in my polythene bag when I returned to Ogyakrom on Christmas Eve is finished. I didn't even pay taxes but the cost of living in Ghana is becoming unbearable for even the returnees. Imagine if I had to pay taxes!

Osagyefo, Mr. Sexy Eyes' government is proposing the state funding of political parties. The tax payers' money would be used to fund campaigns, congresses, and the activities of these bunches of people seeking political office. Kufuor's government is believed to be using the mantra of economic democracy to rule Ghana. Economic democracy is a hard nut to crack but when you think of how most of the people are empowered economically are part of the New Patriotic Party, you can see that economic democracy is not the way to go. Osagyefo, we have preached democracy so much that now we are prepared to fund it at the expense of our socio-economic development. Forget socio-economic development anyway, we are funding democracy with the little money in our citizens' pocket while we refuse to replenish them. How we can agree to fund political parties with state money baffles me. We've seen people waste money seeking political office and the government expects us to help these people waste some more? We have various political parties who have little physical presence anyway in Ghana and we want to help give birth to more? How many political parties do we need? Does politics build schools, hospitals and roads? No. The tax payers' money does.

If some people want to get the mandate to rule Ghana, they should fund it out of their own pockets. The job of the tax payer is to determine who handles and manages their taxes for national development. Not the development of our democracy and certainly not the development of a few more loud mouths on radio. We should all expect the political parties to strongly push for their funding from the state, some of them feel they have less capital and money than others. Why does our politics have to become money-driven? It should be issue-driven. We must desist from entrusting our future into popular hands but the right hands.

It is difficult enough to collect taxes in Ghana. For a lot of the amount collected, little embezzlements here and there make sure we don't even enjoy the full supplement of the nation's fundraising efforts. We are bedevilled with malaria and guinea worm problems yet we choose to use its money to fund political parties. Political parties who continue to sway us from the issues we need to address and the debates we need to have. Why are we choosing to fund propaganda? Osagyefo, we don't need a one-party state but we need one nation behind a solid cause. Allocating money to fund democracy, which is not equal to good governance would only distract us. I've said some.

My pocket is not very happy,