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Letta to Osagyefo - questions surrounding our true colours

Posted by Nwia on Mon, 02/25/2008 - 12:46

Hello Osagyefo,

It's been 2 weeks since the African Cup of Nations came to an end. Trust your people to be still talking about what went wrong, what could have been done better and which heads should roll for the failure to annex the trophy for the fifth time. Not many people are calling for the head of Prophet Hakeem though which is okay. What I find most interesting is the disappearance of the goodwill Ghana enjoyed amongst Ghanaians during the tournament. Kwame, we are not wearing the red, gold, green colours anymore. You could argue that our true colours are coming out. We are wearing AIG clad Manchester United jerseys and England national team 'shadas'. "Now I see your true colours shining". You know that Phil COllins' masterpiece is a treasured song in Ghana, or don't you?

Osagyefo, are Ghanaians fake? Do we all just like to join bandwagons when it is fashionable? Our politicians said they were holding their 'campaigns' hostage to support the Black Stars. Sometimes, I wish the tournament did not end for the mere reason that politics would throng the airwaves and subject us to democratic noise-making. And so what if the NPP would have ridden the Black Stars' CAN 2008 victory to election victory later this year? Now that the Ghanaian flags are disappearing, you should take notice at how most taxis in Ghana have American, British and German flags on their windscreens. Don't blame them, the taxis were not made in Ghana. Until we started riding Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka's re-engineering, this situation would not change.

Talking about America, Dubya was in town recently. The highlight of his visit for me was when Mr. Waa waa Sexy Eyes and Doctor Boom Buum Junior Judas shook hands for the first time in almost 5 years. A friend told me all the MP's in the divides in Ghana's parliament are friends outside the legislature, but when your current and former president have not shaken hands in 5 years, you have a huge problem. I consider all the press conferences Dubya and Traveller John gave as lip service. 17 million Ghana cedis to fight malaria? Check. Most of the money for mosquito net purchasess? Check. Policies and initiatives to rid Ghana of choked gutters, bushy environments and polluted neighbourhoods? No mention. It seems we have forgotten there is a word called 'prevention'. According to me, Uncle Sam forgot about that word a long time ago so I am not surprised that one of the African poster-childs of the West is following suit.

News reports indicate that one age-old Ghanaian problem was solved during Bush's visit - the nuisance of straying animals on our major roads. The government was able to convince its people to keep animals (whether straying or supervised) off the roads for Bush's visit. I guess we wanted to prove to the 80 journalists who arrived with Air Force One that we don't live with 'animals'. Osagyefo, can you believe that all the questions asked George 'Walker dey go' Bush (do you like the pidgin reference?) were from the same journalists he came with? Now no Ghanaian journalist can go bragging that he asked the leader of the free world about Guantanamo Bay. Maybe, Kufour wanted to ensure no one gained the upper hand in the journalist of the year race. By the way, right after Dubya left, the animals are back on the roads.

Bush didn't get the same warm welcome that Clinton enjoyed when the latter came to Ghana. Bill came and captured Ghanaian hearts with how he wore the kente. Bush? The dude said he wouldn't eat Golden Tree Chocolate because he was celebrating Lent. Kwame, don't drop your jaw, yet. Bush succeeded in solving our traffic problems as well. Major roads were empty in and around places he visited. The way things transpired, we should have declared February 20 and 21 holidays. Kwame, we did all of this for 350 million dollars and some foreign investment. Are we ever going to raise this kind of money within our own confines?

Osagyefo, I don't even think Ghana would prosper if we decided to wear Essien or Muntari's jersey more often. I doubt we will exercise better personal and communal hygiene if we saw the Ghanaian flag left, right and center. I just hope we will show love to our Ghana when we are not forced, or encouraged to. I don't believe it is the government's job to solicit love from us. What at all is this proverbial Ghanaian hospitality? Is it reserved for visitors? Is it reserved for occasions? Mr. African Showboy, come and show us the way. By the way, Mr. Sexy Eyes did mention Ghanaian chocolate in his speech. The strength of love didn't send the criticisms away even though he showed his love by way of handing out Golden Tree chocolate to the legislators. As you can see, Ghanaians live for occasions and once Valentine's day was done, you could see our true colours. But are those really our true colours?

Let me know,