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Letta to Osagyefo - Who are Ghana's servants and who are the people they are serving?

Posted by Nwia on Fri, 01/11/2008 - 14:56

Dear Osagyefo,

With most of the race tracks for Election 2008 filled and the absence of a defending champion, it's about time we talked about this important race. I am sure you are dying to know who is contesting and who the favorites are, but can we talk about the tatalalicious prize at stake? When you were running the race, were you focused on the fame or the fortune? Did you feel you were running the race for a group of people? What motivated you? As the race ensues, we shall find out more about our runners.

Osagyefo, how come you never ever really talk about your extended family? Who, what and where are your brothers and sisters? You know in this our country, we all claim many people as cousins, uncles and aunts and the system gives us support in times of need and a cheering squad in times of success. The only relatives we know of you are Fathia (may she rest in peace) and your children. Even them, we hear of them once in a blue moon and mostly, when you are in the news. Did you foresee that your family would be invisible in Ghana when you were gone? Would you marry an Egyptian again if you had the chance?

I inquired about your family because 50 years on, we know the family of Mr. Sexy Eyes like the way we know football. Every other person in public office is the cousin of Mr. Sexy Eyes or from the town where sexy eyes came from. They all like to travel too. Massa, the last time I heard that mr. Sexy Eyes' wife is the sister of the chief chicken eater. Not sister sister, but sister. Rumour has it that the chief chicken eater has been hooked onto chicken by the elephant's crew. That's the proof right there.

The question I have now is, was the candidate in the chicken lane given a place in the elephant's government because his sister was married to the president? Addo-Kuffour, J.H. Mensah, among others are believed to have some relation to Traveller John. Did Kuffour ascend the throne of Ogyakrom in order to enrich his family? Does he trust his fmaily members so much that he had to ensure their places in the administration of Ogyakrom? Do his family members call our dear nation Ogyakrom or Sikakrom? Osagyefo, what about you, how many members of your family were in your government? Or were your family members illiterate? I know, Kuffour grew up in the Danquah-Busia tradition which means that many of his loved ones stuck with it through the years. Addo Kuffour among others are qualified to do many things, but should we not be allowed to question how Kuffour's government features a ton of his kin?

Take Hotel Waa Waa for instance. News broke out that the first son of Traveller John had travelled far and wide seeking money to build a hotel. It is only normal that his son builds his hotel a stone throw from his nuclear home which has been renovated into a palace. Naturally, Ghanaian journalists wondered aloud if the hotel was being built by the president and his money. Kwame, you should also note that the hotel is right off the Tetteh Quarshie Interchange, and really close to the airport. I hear that the luxury apartments springing up near Hotel Waa Waa and HIPIC junction belong to Kuffour's daughter. Whether Mr. Sexy Eyes has a daughter, I don't know; me, I wonder, why rumour would have it as such.

Who are our leaders serving? Their families, interests, sponsors, communities, neighbours or their people? How could we have aspiring leaders blowing thousands of Ghana cedis on campaigns when funds for the country's universities have not released? Do you know Mr. Sexy Eyes's son travels around Ghana in a convoy? The elephant's representative in the race has been racing through traffic to meet and greet Ghana's tribal and religious leaders in convoys as well. Next time, you are on the road and have to make way for a convoy, be warned that the beneficiary may not even be in government. I will not be surprised, a car sounded its siren one time in Kumasi and had to be given a clear lane because it was carrying loads of money. Hmmm.

Osagyefo, I want to run for public office too. Who cares about a meagre salary when you can skip traffic? Who cares about the media washing your dirty linen in public when you can win four-wheel drives to stear easily on our pot-holed roads? The people who care seem to be running things in Ogyakrom. We are not in public office to secure our financial futures and the comfort of our families. We are there to serve the people of Ghana and put them in positions to succeed and prosper. We are there to stear the development of Ogyakrom so we can all call it Sikakrom. Osagyefo, we and not them because I won't be surprised if I am related to Mr. Sexy Eyes. I guess it was my fault that I did not strengthen that relationship before he got into this highly elevated position.

Yours servitudinally,