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Letter to Osagyefo - the leader we need: who, what, how, and why

Posted by Nwia on Wed, 12/19/2007 - 11:37

Yo Osagyefo,
I know it's been a while since you heard from me. It's not me o, I have been busier than the busiest Chinese fast food joint in Osu. The times have not been good, I haven't been inspired to write to you and it's something I can't even explain. You know what else I can't explain, the fact that we have 17 candidates all vying for the opportunity to run for the president of Ghana through the New Patriotic Party. Osagyefo, you need a couple more hands to count 17, only one person shall win the slot, and 16 people would have gotten nought from a 250 million cedi investment. I know you'll be wondering how 17 different people in Ogyakrom could get 250 mill, but massa, these are the times.

You may also be wondering what happened to your brain child, the Convention People's Party. Kwame, why was Convention such a popular word in those days? What does it mean? Because these days when the regular golden boy or girl hears convention, the first thought that comes to mind is a Christian gathering with thousands of people receiving miracles from above. You could ask Efo Mawugbe and he'll tell you too, if the CPP of today wins the next Ghanaian election, that will be a miracle from above. Osagyefo, send down a miracle if you would.

The candidate for the NPP is a safe bet to ascend the throne of Ghana after Mr. Sexy Eyes. It is the ruling party and has a strong following in Ghana together with the NDC, which was birthed by "Dr. Boom" aka "I owed yoke gari once" aka "Junior Jesus JJ". Ghanaians are so politicised that you would not be wrong to say at any point in time, 50% support Traveller John and his per-diem boys, 43% would defend Dr. Boom, excuse me, Asomdwoe Mills and his 'peacemakers' while the other 7% support the rest of the gang. There are not many floating voters to be swayed this way or the other. Probably would take some cash to get people to change their minds.

Talking about cash, the NPP congress is coming up this weekend and word on the ground of Ogyakrom is that Alan Cash is primed to win. Osagyefo, you heard us right, Alan Cash - he is a man who apparently has stacks of cash and has been giving them out to his sympathizers. Alan Cash has promised Ghanaians 'cash' if he wins the presidency. Who doesn't like the sound of cash? I know who, those who give out food stamps and kind gifts :-) Alan Cash would be running against Osafo Maafo, Prof. Frimpong Boateng, Dr. Boakye Agyarko, Nana Akuffo Addo, Hackman Owusu Agyeman, among others. May the best person win.

Hold on tight, who is the best person? Osagyefo, how can we tell a better leader from a worse one? How can the regular Ghanaian be swayed to support one candidate other than personal interests? All the candidates have been saying some of the right things, at least they don't talk from the same mouths and minds so we can dissect the differences and choose. But should we look to their previous records? How they ran companies? How they lived their social lives? How they performed in public office? Osagyefo, should we look up to you and decide who is most like you? Most like Mandela? Most like Gandhi? Who is the best president ever sef?

Osagyefo, I don't know who will be leading Ghana after Mr. Sexy Eyes. Who knows tomorrow? Who knows what our next president will do differently? What nicknames we would give him? These thoughts are exciting but there is no one exciting. There is no standout leader, no standout leadership qualities and no requirements from the people of Ghana. We have become so mediocre and negative that we don't even demand or expect much from our leaders. We are in a leadership crisis at the turn of our golden jubilee. Osagyefo, bEgye yEn. Come and show us the way, come and anoint our leader, come and answer our questions.
Come oh come!

Thy answers come.