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Letter to Osagyefo - secrets, rumours, knowledge

Posted by Nwia on Wed, 05/23/2007 - 09:27

Yo Osagyefo,
The colours of the rainbow give me great pleasure to write to you this missive. Please don't think about the rainbow 'people' who are still walking around Ogyakrom in the name of human rights, if anything think about the rainbow nation, also known as South Africa, that allows Uncle Sam's people to enter their nation without visas while citizens of Ogyakrom have to get visas to enter a country its forefathers helped fight for. I want to think your latest reply has been held up by the postman for further scanning because you left a few new Ghana cedis in there. I will find ways and means to secure the new notes, so I will be expecting your next reply for shaizzay.

Kwame, have you ever heard of Little London? I hear it is this place in Ghana that looks very much like London. No, it is not Osu, or East Legon, (I am pretty sure there was nothing like Trasaco or Sakumono back in the day) neither is it Pankrono in Kumasi or the clean town of Akosombo. So if you don't know about Little London, is it because it is a fairly new settlement or Ghanaians kept some secrets away from you? Makes me wonder if you knew whether the 1966 coup was coming which made you hurry yourself out of the country on business. You shouldn't act surprised. If Jaguars have found their ways to the Yamoransa-Cape Coast road, why should you be surprised that Ghana may have its own Orange County?

We have our own little secrets, my brother. Some of my politically ambitious friends tread caution in some of the things they do, because they fear that when they run for presidency or parliament, someone will come and wash their dirty linen in public and they'll pick up even more dirt than before. Hence, that "drunk and crazy" picture of Asumasi that was taken yesterday is tucked into secrecy. I wonder why some people never have pictures which show they are studying or working but those where they have posed like good citizens are always prominent. Hmmm. Kwame, did you always know you will be running for president some day? I know some people may be born leaders but what is the make-up of a born president? Please spill the beans quicker than the Lens makes up the next sensational story. I want to begin tying the shoe-strings of the next presidents as soon as possible. You know it is about who you know these days and not what you know so I better get to know you know who before you know who becomes you know what you know when. I know it is a lot of know in there but you know what I am trying to say, innit?

Rumour mongering is so rife in Ogyakrom these days you can't trust nobody no more. Someone could report a true story yesterday, it could be a rumour today, and after some time, it could be branded a false story. It makes me wonder what kind of lives our statesmen live outside of the public eye. The life patron of "wo kum apem a, apem beba" was thought to be involved in the cocaine business and we never found out if it was true, or false. At best, it was a rumour. A few years back, we were told Jerry Boom had built a hotel under Lake Volta and it was his weekend get-away. He had to be using his money for something, because he was not the most flamboyant president and it didn't cross any one's mind to call him a globe-trotter. Osagyefo, how did you deal with rumours? Did you just let them die out after awhile or you took the pains to communicate the truth and nothing but the truth?

Mr. Sexy Eyes' government has lived through many 'rumours' during its time of office. Many a time, they zipped their mouths and kept on getting many stamps in their passports while the people of Ogyakrom were left to wonder. Why is anyone surprised that they cannot communicate the 'great' things they are doing for Mother Ghana to its children? I believe if you have a hard time telling the truth, you will have a hard time selling the truth. It seems those who are in the 'know' are those who know you know who. I guess you know why we see a lot of work being done but we never really know who does it. This leaves us with Ghanaians who have excellent services to offer but no one knows about them and many opportunities up for the grabs, but only a few people know about those.

Kwame, so I heard one of your kids joined the "Eye zu, eye za" bandwagon. He looked down on your crew as a bunch of frozen fanyogos that are taking forever to deliver the product they were made for. For all I know it is another rumour. You will be amazed at the rumours surrounding my humanitarian deed of taking Dzifa Gbedevi to the hospital when she started coughing profusely in class. Adwoa Mansa phoned me so many times 2 hours after the incident. I am pretty sure she was 'flashing' too. If the issue was that important, why not spend money to find the information you are seeking? Beats me. Osagyefo, I know you are waiting for that fufu and groundnut soup you called for and it's getting cold. Some other time.

Yours truly,



Quite a piece this is. Politically Satirical is what i will call it, yet it doesnt give scope for discussion because it is full of soliloquy, rhetoric and abstracts. Still a nice piece and i enjoyed reading it.